Silk E. Smooth Operator

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Silk E. Smooth Operator
Silk E. Smooth Operator
Silk E. Smooth Operator

For your viewing pleasure and ready to be shipped. Magnum Mandingo Morale Presents:




"Silk E. Smooth Operator".


🐔Comes with limited edition backer card


🐔3"X1.5" in size


🐔Only 50 made then gone forever 😮


🐔high quality pvc


Say hello to “Silky” our big black cock.

Silky was the leader of our Cocky Little Cluckers, and died as he lived, defending his ladies from a pack of coyotes. We erected this patch in memory of our little soldier, a great rooster who always took the front line to defend his brood, without hesitation.

You were the ultimate protector who would lay down your life against any threat, ultimately paying the highest sacrifice. You stood tall,

strong, and will always have our hearts.

R.I.P. Silky, pour out a little seed for his homies.

We at Magnum Mandingo Morale wish you and your loved ones a Happy 2018! We thank you all for the support.


❤️Mike and Lena

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