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🐘Only 100 released then gone forever😳

🐘Limited Art Cards

🐘Bright neon colorful embroidery


It seems appropriate to introduce you to Rose. 

Rose's future is so bright he dons his shades even in black light.

Our kids have a special love of elephants, especially our 3 year old son.  This past year he asked Santa many times for a real pink elephant, but Santa came up short.  That is, until Rose.


Beautiful embroidery marked by the words Nisi Elephanti Roseum are Latin for "Save the Pink Elephants".  We will definitely be having a few beers with him to ensure this 😉


The Portland Oregon Zoo has a program supporting sustainability and education of Elephant preservation, which is represented on Rose's tusk. As these huge creatures have struck a chord in our hearts, we hope to give back to ensure they will be around for our future generations. 

A portion of the proceeds of each Rose patch sold will be donated to The Oregon Zoo Foundation and the work they do for Elephant Conservation.


Thank you for your continued support,

Mike & Lena

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