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Lil’ Brainz

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Lil’ Brainz
Lil’ Brainz

Lena and I had the opportunity to attend a Lil’ Wayne/Blink 182 concert. I knew Lena would love the nostalgia that Blink brought to stage, yet I was unsure that she would relate to all that weezy rapped about. Bottom line..I had to see my favorite rapper alive perform!

   So instead of telling her that Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.would be there too..I may have left out that small detail. Once she found out a couple weeks later, through google search, she was relentless in giving me a hard time about it (especially when friends were over)

  We had so much fun the night of. I lost my voice early on in the night. As I walked my wife out to our car afterwards I asked her what she thought of the musicians. Her reply “To be honest, I think Wayne was my favorite” 😂

With Halloween quickly approaching “Lil’ Brainz” had to be the very first in the series we call “Sharp Dressed Zombies” 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️Stay tuned for more in the series..this should be a ghoulish good time 🧠


“Boy i got my nine and my problems on me


Sippin on patrone got them fallin on me


Messin with the pill man im so ZOMBIE.”


Maynard Mayhem Morale is pleased to introduce: Lil’ Brainz


🧟‍♂️100 forever pieces


🧟‍♂️Limited Edition hand numbered art backer cards.


🧟‍♂️Brushed aluminum art stickers included with every patch purchase.


🧟‍♂️Highest quality embroidered patches with hook backing


Thank you to all those MMM supporters!



Mike & Lena



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